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Do You Have Construction Problems & Need Help?

We specialize in many construction defect issues; below are just a few examples. Like everything in life, experience makes the difference. At The Robertson Firm, we have more than just legal experience, we have real world construction experience. Attorney Peter Robertson has been a certified general contractor for more than 35 years!

Our Legal Expertise

About Peter Robertson

Peter leads a dynamic group of construction law attorneys. From construction defects and contract disputes, to liens and bond claims, The Robertson Firm attorneys have the skills to efficiently tackle any situation you may have.

Experience Sets Us Apart

At the Robertson Firm we are committed to providing cutting edge legal services and construction related solutions. I have been actively involved in the Florida construction industry for over 35 years. Our firm presents a pragmatic approach towards construction issues and disputes.

Whether your problem involves scheduling, plans, specifications, or corrective work, we are the one place to go for comprehensive solutions. While most construction law firms exclusively offer legal expertise, we are truly unique in being able to not only deal with your legal issues, but we are also able to incorporate multiple disciplines to actually facilitate and correct construction problems.

I am one of the few attorneys in the state of Florida who is Board Certified in Civil Trial and Construction Law. That, in combination with my Certified General Contractors License, allows me to provide in-house expertise and practical solutions for my clients.

Please take a moment and listen to what our clients have to say about their experience in working with The Robertson Firm. Thanks again for visiting the site, and please contact us if you have any questions or need additional information. Initial consultations are always free, and provide you with an opportunity to speak with one of our professionals about your situation, and the best way to move forward.


Speak To A Knowledgeable Business Attorney

At The Robertson Firm, we understand that lengthy lawsuits are not good for businesses. We know that businesses need timely, sound solutions to their legal problems.

We take the time to get to know our business clients and represent you the way you deserve to be represented.

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Why The Robertson Firm?


At The Robertson Firm we have more than just legal experience, we have real world construction experience. Attorney Peter Robertson has been a certified general contractor for more than thirty five years.


Our highly qualified attorneys take a team approach, giving you more concentrated, effective assistance than the construction law sections of the huge, so-called “full service” law firms. Unlike them, we do not try to do it all. We practice in one field of law and we do it very well.


We are familiar with the dynamics of the construction process, and we understand the various issues that arise among owners, building contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers and sureties.


Our experience is the foundational factor that has enabled us to assist hundreds of clients, in terms of both saving money and coming up with solutions to complex construction problems.

"The Robertson Firm was instrumental in helping us with both technical and legal issues that arose during the completion of that phase of the [Hutchinson Island] project. They not only assisted us with the contract issues, they guided us through complex damage claims. Pete, Doug, and Randy at The Robertson Firm were easy to work with, were always available to answer questions, and provide, not only legal help, but encouragement and support through a very trying process. Although the legal process is difficult and hard to understand at times, we always feel like we are working with friends and attorneys who have our best interest at heart. We successfully settled our dispute this year. When it comes to construction law at the robertson firm, experience is the difference!"

- Larry Dale
President of Dickerson Florida Inc.

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