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Could The Way Your Home Was Built Lead To Mold Accumulation?

What is Mold Accumulation?

In order for mold accumulation to occur in your home, there must be a type of food source for the mold spores (like wood), darkness, warmth, oxygen, moisture and time. Some forms of mold can start growing in these conditions within as a little as 24 to 48 hours. In areas where there is excess moisture in your home, there is a greater chance of mold growth. These conditions for mold growth are exacerbated in areas with a humid climate. You may notice more visible mold growth in areas exposed to multiple days of rain. Even if moisture is not present for extended periods of time in your home, the evaporation of the moisture can increase the overall humidity level in your home. Without proper ventilation throughout your home, this condition becomes even worse.

Because mold can be toxic and potentially dangerous to those with a pre-existing medical condition, it is important to be very cautious in attempting to remove the presence of mold in your home without a professional.

How Can Mold Accumulation be a Construction Defect?

A construction defect is any deficiency in your home that is a result of poor workmanship, inferior or defective materials, improper soil analysis and preparation, negligent construction or negligent civil and structural engineering services. Any one of these issues could cause water seepage or intrusion in your home. For example, your house may have a roof leak if the roof was not installed properly, which means that you could have water damage and related issues. Water intrusion is directly linked to the accumulation of mold in homes, which is actually one of the most common construction defects in many homes. Proper design and construction of your home are necessary to prevent the intrusion of excess moisture. This includes properly managing the flow of rainwater and groundwater, preventing excessive condensation and the proper drying of materials in crawlspaces during the construction phase of your home.

The extent of damage from mold can go way beyond damage to your property and decreasing your overall home value. In addition to the cost of having your home tested by an expert for mold and ultimately having the mold removed, you may have to deal with medical conditions from exposure to toxic mold. These injuries can manifest over time and require serious medical treatment. A knowledgeable construction law attorney will be able to make sure that you recover for the personal injuries you suffer as a result of mold accumulation from a construction defect.

What Should You Do If You Think You Have Mold Accumulation in Your Home?

It is important to contact a construction law attorney right away if you notice mold accumulation in your home. Mold can spread very quickly, especially if you have high levels of humidity or excessive moisture in your home. In addition to any physical damage caused by mold in your home, you may also have a claim for personal injuries as a result of exposure to the toxic mold. The only way to know the extent of the damage to your home or the severity of your personal injuries is to speak with an experienced construction law attorney as soon as possible. Through your attorney, you will work with experts to determine the exact cause and amount of mold damage in your home. You will also need to document your physical injuries so that you can recover for the full extent of the damage you suffered from exposure to mold.

In Florida, you run the risk of losing the right to recover for your construction defect claim if you wait too long because of the statute of limitation and statute of repose. A construction law attorney will be able to make sure that your claim is filed within the required time frame so that you do not lose out on the right to recover. No matter how you decide to proceed with your recovery, a construction law attorney is necessary for preserving all of your options at the outset.

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