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Construction Defects

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Construction Defects

Did you know that when you buy a home, Florida law requires the seller to tell you about any known problems that you cannot see and that can materially affect the value of the home?

If you purchased a home only to find out that the seller chose to hide problems from you, you may be entitled to have the seller pay the cost of fixing the problem and fixing any damage to any of your other property caused by the problem.  The most common example of this issue that we deal with involves unseen water intrusion issues, which can lead to rotting of structural wood framing, mold, and damage to other parts of the house and to personal property.

At the Robertson Firm our knowledgeable staff of attorneys use experts to evaluate your claim against the seller.  When it comes to handling your non-disclosure case against your seller, our experience is the difference.

Construction Defects

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