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Financial Mismanagement

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Financial Mismanagement

Some contractors do not behave responsibly when handling finances on a construction job. One of the most common and challenging forms of financial mismanagement is the “robbing Peter to Pay Paul” scheme employed by contractors.

What this means is that your contractor could be using your payments to fund other jobs instead of paying for materials and services provided for your job.  This can cause several problems, including giving unpaid subcontractors the right to put a lien on your property in spite of the fact that you paid your contractor 100% of the contract price on your project.

At The Robertson Firm, we have seen and dealt with numerous and varied cases of financial mismanagement by contractors.   We will consider all angles of your financial mismanagement case, including your contractor’s financial status, the amount of money a contractor has received, and the possibility of recovery under your contractor’s commercial general liability policy.  When it comes to handling the problems you face because your contractor mismanaged your money, our experience is the difference.

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