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Water Intrusion: Outward Signs of Inward Issues (Part 2 of 2)

What to Do if You See Evidence of Water Intrusion


Before discussing what to do if you see signs of water intrusion in your home, it is important to know what not to do.  Do not let the problem fester.  Water intrusion issues tend to worsen with time, becoming much more expensive to repair.  More water invades, wood rot worsens, and mold flourishes.  These things can compromise the structural integrity of your home and lead to serious health problems if left unrepaired.


Unfortunately, dealing with water intrusion can include expensive destructive testing to locate the source of the intrusion, and will include hiring contractors and subcontractors to fix the source of the intrusion.  The repair process can be daunting.  Who do I call?  Will the people I hire actually fix the problem, or will I spend thousands of dollars and be left with a home that still lets water invade?  These are all valid questions and real potential problems.


Your best bet is to contact an experienced construction law attorney.  The water intrusion your home is experiencing may be caused by construction defects.  It is possible the people you purchased your home from knew about the water leaks and chose to hide them from you.  It is even possible the real estate agent who sold you the home also know about the water intrusion and left it undisclosed.  Under these and other circumstances you may have an excellent chance at recovering the costs associated with repairing your home.  Hiring a board certified civil trial and construction law attorney can maximize your chances at this recovery.


At The Robertson Firm, we deal with these issues everyday.  Our Managing Partner, Peter Robertson, is a board certified civil trial law and construction law attorney.  Additionally, Mr. Robertson has been licensed by the State of Florida as a General Contractor for over thirty years.  He understands Florida law.  Of equal importance, Mr. Robertson also understands proper construction methods to handle water intrusion.  We can help you navigate the process of taking care of your most valued asset, your home, so that your home can take care of you and your family for years to come.