Experience Is The Difference


What event in your life has experience not been the difference? If your car needed work, would you take it to someone who has never seen the underside of a hood or to a mechanic with years of experience? If you needed brain surgery, would you go to someone who had never held a scalpel or to a brain surgeon who had performed hundreds of brain surgeries? If you were on an airplane, would you feel safer if the pilot had never flown a plane or if the pilot had many years of experience? Does anyone expect the average five year old to exhibit the maturity and judgment of a fifty year old? Why not? Experience. Experience is the difference.

The same is true if you are facing a legal issue in the area of construction law. Do you think your chance at a favorable outcome is better if you hire an attorney who has never handled a construction law case or an attorney with over 25 years of experience as a construction law attorney and over 30 years of experience as a Florida Licensed General Contractor? The question answers itself.

At the Robertson Firm, our Managing Attorney, Peter Robertson, has been licensed by the State of Florida as a General Contractor since 1976. This is the highest construction license in Florida. Mr. Robertson has extensive experience, as a General Contractor, in both commercial and residential construction.

In addition to his license and experience as a General Contractor, Mr. Robertson is a board certified attorney in both construction law and civil trial law. Over the 25 years he has practiced construction law, Mr. Robertson has handled thousands of construction law cases, and taken hundreds of these cases to trial.

Why is this experience the difference if you are in need of a construction law attorney? The construction field has its own language. Houses and buildings are constructed based on plans and blueprints. Due to his extensive experience in the construction industry and in construction law, Mr. Robertson can speak and understand the construction language. He can read blueprints and can tell whether a house or a building was built according to the plans and blueprints. Mr. Robertson understands and is familiar with common practices in the construction industry, including means and methods of construction and cost accounting for construction projects. This experience allows Mr. Robertson to dive into construction law cases and spot and understand issues and potential claims and defenses that a less seasoned attorney might miss.

You would not let a person with no experience work on your car or operate on your brain. You would not get in an airplane about to be flown by someone who has never been in a cockpit. The reason is simple and logical: experience is the difference. If you are facing a legal issue in the construction field, experience can be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful outcome. At the Robertson Firm, our experience is the difference.