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Without contractors, building would be much more difficult. Contractors provide punctuality and organization to the project, which is not always appreciated. In being the project leader, it is not un-common for you to run into speed bumps with homeowners, or sub-contractors, some of which may require legal expertise. Peter Robertson has the advantage of being a licensed contractor and practicing construction law attorney for over 25 years, so no matter your situation, you can rely on his experience to help guide you every step of the way.

Contractor Issues We've Resolved

Construction Defects

Did you know that when you buy a home, Florida law requires the seller to tell you about any known problems that you cannot see and that can materially affect the value of the home? If you purchased a home only to find out that the seller chose to hide problems from you, you may […]

Construction Delays

In the construction industry, time is almost always a critical element. Construction contracts commonly have deadlines for completion of the agreed-to project, and can contain penalties of thousands of dollars for each day the completion of a project exceeds the contractual deadline. Therefore, construction litigation often surrounds determining the causes of construction delays and the […]

Financial Mismanagement

Some contractors do not behave responsibly when handling finances on a construction job. One of the most common and challenging forms of financial mismanagement is the “robbing Peter to Pay Paul” scheme employed by contractors. What this means is that your contractor could be using your payments to fund other jobs instead of paying for […]

Insurance Claim Issues

We are here to help you when any insurance company denies your claim or makes a low-ball offer.  You faithfully pay your premiums and have a right to have your claim handled fairly and quickly.  When it comes to negotiation with your insurance company, perhaps nothing is as effective as having an experienced attorney who […]

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